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Seafood Gumbo

This gumbo takes some time, but is well worth the investment

Canadian Bacon Potato Soup

Canadian bacon adds a hint of smoky flavor to this hearty soup. It doesn't have the typical butter and heavy cream you'll find in many potato soups, but it's still rich and satisfying.

Knefla Soup I

A wonderful taste of Scandinavian food. This soup will warm you in the cool nights of the winter.

Cajun Chicken Wrap

A great "main" course for picnics, this wrap tastes like it took you a lot longer to make than it actually did.

Best Ever 1 Point Chili

This is SO yummy!!!! It is 1 point for a cup. I top it with Cabot 50% light cheddar (2 pts per 1 ounce) melt in double boiler and add a little Chalula hot sauce (stop and shop or Waldbaums) or any mexican hot sauce, since I like it spicier. It is an awesome 3 point lunch or main dish for dinner.

Heck Yeah Soup

Add any other vegetable that's wanted. I add peas and green tomatoes.

Indulgent Grilled Cheese

Overtly Indulgent Grilled Cheese. Serve with fruit so you don't feel naughty. You can also add tomato slices.