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STEP #1: Open Your Boxes

I know it sounds simple, but pretend it's your birthday and have fun! If there are any broken or missing items, please contact customer service here, immediately, so we can take care of you promptly.

STEP #2: Create an account @

Go to Click on account. Then click on register. Enter required information and agree to privacy policy. Then continue. It should say your account has been created. Click continue.

STEP #3: Create a Gift Registry

Go to my account. Log in if you aren't. Then click on create gift registry. Enter required information. Then click continue. Then it will show My Events. Then click Create New. Then click Manage Items. You will see: Start adding items to you registry just now! You can browse our catalog! Click on Catalog. Choose an item from catalog. Then click on the gift icon. If you run cursor over it, it will say Add to Registry. Follow instructions. Gift cards are located in the Accessories section on the website.

STEP #4: Request Registry Cards

Go to home page of Click registry cards. You'll see: Order your registry cards by contacting us here! Click on here. Enter the required information. In the Enquiry section, please include mailing address and the number of registry cards that you would like. We will then ship those out to you promptly.

STEP #5: Watch The Clean and Care Video

You will receive a dvd with your order. If you prefer to receive a link, please contact client services here once you have received your cookware.

STEP #6: Give Your New Cookware A Bubble Bath

This is important! Before your first use, each piece must be soaked and washed thoroughly with hot soapy water and two cups of distilled white vinegar. You should soak your new pans for at least 25 to 30 minutes to remove any residual manufacturing oils. Please pay attention to the bottom, the inside and the edge of the pan. After the initial cleansing, we recommend using a Stainless Cleanser regularly, such as Bar Keepers Friend, Bon Ami, Kleen King, Cameo or any other stainless steel cleanser.

STEP #7: Find Out What Medium Means

Fill a saucepan with one inch of water. Cover the pan, with the whistle open.?Set the stove burner where you think "medium" is, and the whistle should sound in 10 minutes. If it takes more time, try again at a higher setting. If it takes less, lower the heat and try again. Once you find "medium", cooking the Vital Nutrition way is easy!

STEP #8: Start Cooking

With your set of cookware, we provide a DVD. Our website has recipes and tips on nearly everything you can think of. We are more than happy to help you with any recipe that you would like as well. Waterless/Greaseless Cookware is a tool you can obviously use to cook healthier, but you can also cook any way you've ever dreamed of cooking. You can add all the oil you want and deep fry anything. The only difference, use medium heat. Cook any recipe you can find on any social media or in any cookbook and your cookware will cook it faster, more even and cleaner. We are always here to help if you need us.

Questions about Bridal Registry, Gift Package or Your Cookware, please contact My Honey Cooks here for questions For questions and to make your monthly investments please go to: Create your username/password, login with your account number (when received) and the last 4 digits of your social security # (You may also contact Equity Sales Finance at 1-866-646-8661 regarding your monthly investments.) * We typically respond within 24 hours to e-mails. If you haven't received a response: PLEASE CHECK SPAM/JUNK MAIL FOLDER!!